Sunday, May 22, 2011

Will You Forgive Me?

Will You forgive me
Will You accept me back
After everything the I had done 

I neglected You
Trivial affairs were way more exigent than You
How atrocious can that be

I disobeyed You
Frivolous businesses were my preeminence
How dire the situation was

I was adrift
I did feel remorse
And begged You

Yet I reverted back
To the old me
I deluded You

I'm back
For the umpteenth time

Will You still absolve me
After so many chances being gypped
Will You  take me in the group back?

Oh Allah
Please expiate me
Please don't leave me
For I'm losing my path
Without Your guidance


Monday, May 16, 2011

The Moment

It's that moment
When you see
That single word
The word of power
It makes everybody happy

And you smile the whole day!


The Door

SORRY! I am closed.. ;)

The door was never closed
Widely opened ever
For everybody to enter
And mess things up

I shall close the door now
And lock it
Throw away the master key
Inasmuch as I'm afraid
I would get tempted 
To unbolt it
For another you!


p/s: this poem has nothing to do with a GUY

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Starving vs Keeping Faith

He has got the money
There were a lot of foods served
He could afford to buy all
They promised him a VIP treatment
He ended up with nothing
But a pack of snacks

He's starving
They gave his foods to others
Who were already full
And he wonders

Is it because he's not one of the cook's family members?
Is it because of his enemy
Who never stop being jealous
With his achievement?
He is in a terrible pain

But he knows
He is aware
Be it the cook
Be it his enemy
No one can ever go against
The most powerful
The most merciful
The Creator

The light is still there
If HE says Yes
He will still get those foods
No matter what

And he is hoping
Trying his level best
Faking a smile
For he wants people around
Not to worry much
When he himself
Is fighting
Not to let the faith
Fly away!


Sunday, May 8, 2011

"Ibu, Im hungry"
Here is the food dear.
"Ibu, Im sad"
Share with Ibu your problems honey, Ibu will do anything to sort them out.
"Ibu, Im sick"
Ibu will always be by your side to take care of you sweetheart.

"Ibu, I need new shoes"
Just choose any shoes that you like darling.
"Ibu, I need new clothes"
As you wish baby.
"Ibu, my phone is spoiled again"
What is the new brand phone that you want sweety?

It's always Me who asked
and You who granted
You never failed to make me happy
You never failed to fulfill my wishes


p/s: dear ibu, there's no word in the world that can describe my love towards very well aware that i can never pay back all those sacrifices that you have done for me..but i promise you ibu, as long as im alive, i will forever take care and love you, even though it wouldn't be the same like how u did and still do to me.. still, i will do my level best to always make you happy ibu.. you are such a PERFECT mother i've ever seen in  this world.. angah loves you very9999x much ibu... muaaaaaaaahhhhh... xoxoxo.. ^___^

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Spring vs Winter


So long have I been waiting
For the SPRING to come
How excited I am
To see all those beautiful flowers
Who never failed to make me happy

But I forgot
Now that the spring comes
I have to let go the WINTER
No more snow sculptures
Neither ice-skating                      


Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Holla dear readers.. finally, my exam had come to the end.. MERDEKA!!! yeay.. 4 MONTHS of HOLIDAYS?? are you kidding me!!! hahahaha,,,
Guess what, even though im supposed to be at home right now, im actually still here in IPBA.. and i myself can't believe this.. im the type of girl who will hop in my dad's car the next minute after the exam finished.. but this time around, im dragging  my holidays for 1 WEEK... not 1 day..

 WHY?? WHY?? WHY?? 
 it's actually because of them!

My besties @ roommates : Juju & Rina

My besties @ jiran depan bilik : Dba & Gaga

My Beloved Sisters : Flo & Jane

My Beloved Sister @ My Fighting Partner : Shen-Ann

My Beloved Sisters : Myra & Izza
Basically, these 9 lovely girls are my hommies whom i really really love.. So, i decided to drag a few days of my hols to spend with them.. and i truly think it is WORTH IT! btw, yesterday, rina, juju and i cooked for them and we had our dinner together! it was such a memorable moment.. im going to write an entry on that soon.. hehe..=)

Well, i think that's all for now.. ciaooo..^__^

I love you guys very much! Im sooo gonna miss all of you..=)