Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Social Networks

Assalamualaikum and a very good day dear readers.

Most of us do have our own social networks aite? What are the things that you always post in your social networks? As for me, I usually post my happy feelings, the truth (usually flaws) of our government and my opinion about it, quran/ hadith verses, advices etc.  

I know very well that not all people enjoy reading my statuses in my social networks especially when it comes to political issues. Well guys, I'm just trying to enlighten some facts that we as citizens of the country should know, so that we won't be cheated over and over again. (I don't know if any of you guys love to be cheated)

In this post, I'd like to point out 3 things that I personally do not enjoy reading/ seeing in social networks :

1. Curses.Your anger towards your friends/family members are not meant to be shared in your social networks. Seriously, if you are not satisfied, why don't you just confront them. You might hurt others with your words because they wouldn't know whom are you pointing your anger at. It's not professional anyway.


p/s : I love it when people share their happiness in their social networks. Sedap mata memandang. But please, do not brag. You might end up annoying people. hehehe.

2.  The pictures of foods that you had eaten. Be it for your breakfast/ lunch/ dinner etc. Not all your social networks' friends can afford those foods. Can you imagine them drooling over those pictures without having the chance to taste them?

This is what I had for dinner!! Yeah, smell them :)

3. Your romantic relationship with your partner. Please. You don't have to let the whole world to see your "intimacy" by having romantic conversations in your social networks (unless you are married).

I love you. Let the whole world know baby..

Okay. That's all for now. Honestly, before this, I did show my anger in fb (but I never cursed I think :P  ). I also did post a few pictures of foods. I regretted doing those things. Thus, I come out with this. So, this post is actually a reminder to myself. Well, you can follow it if you like. Hehehe. But, the 3rd one, I never did. If I did, it was with my family members which I think is okay. I mean, after all, they are my family members. Mahram tuuu. hehehe :) 

P/S :Don't kill me. This is my personal opinion. Everybody has their own aite. You may not agree with me. It doesn't matter. :)


  1. haha ni yg aku lg nak post masakan aku ni... muahahahaha

  2. hahaha. aku rasa kalau kat tumblr tu takpe sgt kot. tumblr u bukan femes pun. i je yg stalk. hahahaha ;D

  3. leen: those ppl who love to write annoying statuses in their motherf**king wall SHOULD get their own PRIVATE twitter..or diaries...agree with u..these kinda statuses only messing up my home page which when i try to see other ppl IMPORTANT posts, i can't see them when those kind of conceited bullshitty statuses blowing up my wall. plus, these ppl should LEARN that NOBODY GIVES A SHIT abt their madness and their life whatsoever.

  4. whoaaa. ni serius marah ni. hehehe. anyways, couldnt agree more. social networks are not the suitable place to show their definitely amazing ability in cursing. most people never enjoy reading curses ;)

  5. ala farah... orang2 tu post gambar makanan sebab x leh share zahirnye, dye share visually je la.. hahhaha... anyway just realized you started writing again, thought you stopped at the end of 2011 :)

  6. visually tak kenyang la kak. hehehe. ouh, gtulah. baru sedar. saya taulah saya blogger tak femes. hahaha. btw,your new blog is kewl!! :D

  7. Good one Lea! hahaha

    yeah, I read that ranting on your Facebook wall is the same as those Jewish who let out their anger on walls. After all, Facebook is owned by the Jewish I heard?

    1. heard abou the wall before. maybe kot.. and yup. he's a jewish..