Sunday, April 24, 2011

My First Commenter!

It's 0541 now and i'm updating my blog (i did not sleep since yesterday.. yeay me..!!) what a crazy thing to do when you are very well aware that you are sitting for your final tomorrow..haha.. actually im getting a bit insane studying one of the subjects, Falsafah Pendidikan or EDUCATION PHILOSOPHY.. i tell u what, u must really read the lines in the notes and tell me if u can comprehend them.. i bet u CAN'T.. haha.. Luckily i have these 3 great sisters here in the house (The most beloved one, Florinta Edward, the most lovely one, Jennifer Sandra and the most talkative yet the sweetest one, Izzaidah Mad Attan) who made me laugh all day and lessen my stress on the subject!

If only they weren't here, i'll be like this.. hahaha..=)

Well, as u can see the title of the post, im actually writing this to my  MY FIRST COMMENTER (click!)
i had  promised to myself that i will write a special post to whoever being the first to comment on my blog.. so, here is the lucky one, Miss Izzaidah Mad Attan.. ( of the 3 sisters..hehe..)

Who is she??
She is apparently my LOVELY HOUSEMATE..

She's the girl!

When i first met her, i thought she's NOT FRIENDLY and that was definitely WRONG! As i told u guys right up there, she is just sooo TALKATIVE.. she talks A LOT!! haha..

We always change opinions with each other and yess.. she's a very GOOD LISTENER i would say.. She plays her role as a sister and im VERY COMFORTABLE with it..

So... dear kak izza.. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for being the first one to leave your comment on my blog! it really made my day and inspired me to continue with my blogging journey.. (i know i sometimes can be A BIT over with my words.. haha..)

Terharuuu.. :'(



  1. waaa..dah siap dah post pasal kak izza ek..terharu jugak...ade jugak orang nak post pasal diri kak izza..hahahahaa..=P thank you u too la..going to miss u soon..gud luck for your exams..

  2. awww..thank u my lovely sister..i too am soooo gona miss u all..T_T