Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My So-called FIRST post

I have a blog...AGAIN!! Yeayy me!! hahaha.. hola peeps..assalamualaikum and a very good day to all.. u guys must be wondering why do i say "again" ayte? (as if everybody cares..haha) well, enough of scratching your head.. i'll tell u why..

so this is actually what happened,

i was very eager to have a blog before since i had a very long unproductive break after SPM.. so i created one.. and the problem was, it took me like 1 month to come up with a new post..when i came to IPBA (the place where im studying now) my friends encouraged me to be an active blogger..yup, i did try my level best to be one, but , naaa...it just didn't work..sooooo...i made up my mind and terminated the blog..

Now i realized that i really need a blog because as u can read the description about me, I AM TOO EXPRESSIVE AND I REALLY LOVE TO SHARE..like seriously, i don't really think i have any big secret of my own..waittt..i DO NOT leak people's secret..NO NO NO!! what i mean here is the secret of my very OWN life...and the problem is...because of me being too excited expressing my thoughts and feelings to the people around, i had actually intentionally unintentionally bugged and forced them to actually listen to me..yaaa..i know.. u don't have to tell me that i was doing wrong because i am very well aware of that fact..and that is the reason why this blog REBORN! i just want to express everything here and stop bugging people with my thoughts (if i can..hehe..)..

And now it's your turn dear READERS to listen to me and PLEASE BEAR with me because once i start talking writing, u would need to stop me because i WON'T REALLY STOP ON MY OWN!haha..

So, till then, see ya in the next post! Ciaooo..!!


  1. haaaa..kene dgr kata2 farah lg??
    OH NOOO..hahahaah...joking..
    welcome to the blogger world..
    have fun!!

  2. well,u can never run away from he..hehe..tq very much..appreciate that..^__^