Sunday, April 24, 2011

My First Commenter!

It's 0541 now and i'm updating my blog (i did not sleep since yesterday.. yeay me..!!) what a crazy thing to do when you are very well aware that you are sitting for your final tomorrow..haha.. actually im getting a bit insane studying one of the subjects, Falsafah Pendidikan or EDUCATION PHILOSOPHY.. i tell u what, u must really read the lines in the notes and tell me if u can comprehend them.. i bet u CAN'T.. haha.. Luckily i have these 3 great sisters here in the house (The most beloved one, Florinta Edward, the most lovely one, Jennifer Sandra and the most talkative yet the sweetest one, Izzaidah Mad Attan) who made me laugh all day and lessen my stress on the subject!

If only they weren't here, i'll be like this.. hahaha..=)

Well, as u can see the title of the post, im actually writing this to my  MY FIRST COMMENTER (click!)
i had  promised to myself that i will write a special post to whoever being the first to comment on my blog.. so, here is the lucky one, Miss Izzaidah Mad Attan.. ( of the 3 sisters..hehe..)

Who is she??
She is apparently my LOVELY HOUSEMATE..

She's the girl!

When i first met her, i thought she's NOT FRIENDLY and that was definitely WRONG! As i told u guys right up there, she is just sooo TALKATIVE.. she talks A LOT!! haha..

We always change opinions with each other and yess.. she's a very GOOD LISTENER i would say.. She plays her role as a sister and im VERY COMFORTABLE with it..

So... dear kak izza.. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for being the first one to leave your comment on my blog! it really made my day and inspired me to continue with my blogging journey.. (i know i sometimes can be A BIT over with my words.. haha..)

Terharuuu.. :'(


Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Should i stop showing my care or should i not??
Chase them
Show your care
And they'll leave

Leave them
Stop your care
And they'll come chasing

I never want to agree
I go against the believe
I wasn't raised as such
But the world is
My heart breaks
For i see
It happens again and again
And i wonder why


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Ibu!

Assalamualaikum and a very good day dear readers.. Guess what?? Today is the 46th birthday of the QUEEN OF MY HEART, Pn Zulikah binti Abdootty... Yes.. she's my one and only lovely and caring mother in the world.. 

so, here are my wishes for u ibu ku yg terchentaaaa...^__^

-May you are always blessed with HAPPINESS, HEALTH and WEALTH
-May all your wishes come true mummy
-May you'll always be under ALLAH's blessing
-May your "iman" level increases every single moment of your life
-May your life is filled with everything happy and positive!


p/s: dear my beloved ayah..angah am very sorry because angah couldn't dedicate any post to you on your birthday because angah didn't have a blog yet on the 4th April.. but ayah syg, this post and all the wishes are definitely dedicated to you too because... YOU ARE THE BEST FATHER I HAD EVER SEEN IN THE WORLD! NO ONE CAN EVER REPLACE YOU IN MY HEART TOO AYAH.. 

I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART.. Muaaaaaaaahhhh...XOXO..

Monday, April 18, 2011

It's Your Fault

Assalamualaikum and a very good day to all mydear readers..Today i would love to talk about E.G.O..yup, ego! What's with ego?? getting very excited to read further right?? i know.. (sometimes being 'perasan' makes me feel great..haha..)

Ok..Let's get back to the story..
This morning, i had my literature class for 3 hours.. it was not long for me because i am soo into literature that i can even have the class for the whole day.. so, during the break, one of my very close friends, told me about her friend.. to make it easier, let me name my friend as 'A' and her friend as 'B'..

So, here the story goes...

"B" did something that annoyed "A" very much.. the problem was, "B" never asked for forgiveness from "A" even after "A" showed to her that she did not like it.. 

Now, you might think that "B" did not know and couldn't get the hint given by "A"... NOPE! You are totally WRONG because "B" actually met "A" after that and told her that she just didn't want to ask for forgiveness because she felt EMBARRASSED  to do so.. 

Can u imagine that?? she did realize her mistake and yet felt embarrassed to ask for forgiveness?? What's wrong with that?? IT'S YOUR FAULT! Admit it.. why do we have to let the EGO inside us to destroy ourselves?? i mean, i just can't see any bad consequence that we will ever face if we ask for forgiveness.. in fact, asking for forgiveness is always the best way to settle down all the SIMPLE problems that we are facing with people around us.. we don't have to have such a HUGE EGO inside us to make a small problem grows to a bigger one! Why don't we start to cut our EGOS down and lead a more easy and happy life in the future..??

but..waittttttt... i too feel that, it is very necessary for us to HAVE A REASON to say sorry.. DO NOT say sorry for no reason and make people feel uncomfortable.. hehe..

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The time of the month

When it's the time of the month, i can even hurt the ones i love the most in the world.. and that is just NOT COOL!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Taare Zameen Par are you doing dear readers?hope you all are just fine..

Today i would love to share with you guys about a story that my classmates and i watched during our "Falsafah Pendidikan" slot just now.. it's a Hindustan movie entitled TAARE ZAMEEN PAR.

awww..i just love amir khan..

Well, as for me, this movie is just so great. it is basically about how a kid who suffers from dyslexia (Ishaan) was being degraded by his own father and teachers.. Ishaan was sent to a boarding school as a punishment for he did not perform well in his study.. what a bad father.. i certainly don't want to have such father as mine.. however, this little kiddo was sooo lucky that he met an Art Teacher (Amir Khan) who understood his problem really well.. He brought a new life for Ishaan.. how sweet... the ending was soooo touching that i almost cried.. fortunately i did realize that i was in the class with my 39 other friends around me.. so i hold my tears back...haha..

Actually, what i would like to highlight here are....



3) TEACHERS..YES WE TEACHERS-TO-BE, SHOULD NEVER EVER MAKE OUR STUDENTS FEEL DOWN AND LET THEM LOST THEIR SELF ESTEEMS...please don't..have some some faith on them no matter how bad their performance are.. do not ever scold them with harsh words and voice in public, especially in the class..NEVER CALL THEM IDIOT!! 

and...last but not least..(this has nothing to do with the movie)

PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT PEOPLE'S IMPERFECTIONS AS IF WE ARE SOOOOOO PERFECT.. come on.. seriously, i can barely stand with people talking about others' physical imperfections.. you might wonder why am i talking about this all of sudden.. it's actually because one of the actors in the movie has a slightly "jongang" teeth.. and there were some people with "PERFECT TEETH' were talking and laughing about his teeth which i think is very very impolite and rude, i would say.. i might be oversensitive here but WHO ARE YOU to talk about people..that is just unacceptable..

okay..okay.. enough of nagging.. sorry if im being quite emotional here but i am very unhappy with the attitude of some people.. this is not the first time.. the same people also always talk about one of our lecturers who have problem with her eyes.. i can accept if you want to talk about someone's attitude but NOT their physical imperfection.. that's just unfair because they didn't ask for it.. remember guys.. what goes around comes around.. you know what i mean.. hehe..

so, till then.. see ya.. ciaoo..