Thursday, June 30, 2011

You Are Not Punctual! Oprah said it's RUDE!

Mamat, Momot and Mumut are friends. One fine day, they held a function in Mamat's house to celebrate their job promotions. Momot was already there with Mamat before the function started. However, Mumut was quite late.  Here goes the conversation between these three friends.

MAMAT: Gosh! Where is Mumut? The function is about to start and he is still not here!

MOMOT : Chill Mamat. It's only 8.35 p.m now. Our guests will only be here at 9.00 or maybe later than that.

MAMAT : Ahhh.. He is always like this. He is late all the time.

*Meanwhile, the Isya' athan was heard.

MOMOT : Ouh, it's already Isya'. Let's pray first Mamat.

MAMAT : Erkk.. Never mind, Isya's period is long. I'm all dressed up now. So, I'll pray later after the function ended.

MOMOT : Ermm.. Okay then.

*30 minutes later, Mumut arrived at Mamat's house. Mamat was quite pissed off already at that time.

MAMAT : Hey, Mumut! Why are you late??

MUMUT : I"m truly sorry. I had to send my mum to the clinic just now and then when I was on my way here, I got stuck in the jam. Please forgive me buddy.

MAMAT : Excuses! You have never been on time. You are not punctual! Oprah said it's rude. Because you make people wait for you. Do have some respect towards people Mumut.

MOMOT : called him rude because he wasn't punctual and he made you wait for him. I see.. Erm.. if that's the case, what should I call you for making Allah wait for you to perform your prayer? He's waiting for you since 30 minutes ago and you said it's okay, you'll perform your prayer after the function ended. Do you have any answer for that Mamat??

MAMAT : Errrr.... (speechless)

Moral of the story : It is indeed very true that making people wait for you with no strong reason is RUDE, but making Allah wait for you is even worse. How can you expect Allah to grant all your wishes when you are being RUDE towards Him?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Assalamualaikum and a very good day dear readers. 

Looking at the title of the entry, yeah, it sounds too cliche and boring. But wait, read it first and you shall not regret.  InshaAllah ;)

Why people always talk about POSITIVE THINKING all the time?
What is so special about THINKING POSITIVELY?
Will POSITIVE MIND change anything?

The answer is an absolute YES!
Now I will tell you why.

I used to be a very sensitive girl (actually I still am, but I'm in my way to change ^_^ ). Thus, I got hurt over trifles nearly everyday. I used to feel terribly sad when:

-people don't reply my sms
-people don't answer my calls
-people don't talk to me as they used to
-people ignore my 'buzz' in YM/Skype/FB message
-people don't really listen to me
-people don't smile at me
-my parents raise their voice at me
-the teachers/lecturers don't have any eye contact with me while teaching
 ......and the list goes on and on.

You don't believe me? Well, you should because that is the truth. When such situations occur, I will start to think like this:

-people don't reply my sms because they are annoyed with me
-people don't answer my calls because they have found better friends
-people don't talk to me as they used to because they already get bored with me
-people ignore my 'buzz' in YM/Skype/FB message because I have been bugging them a lot!
-people don't really listen to me because they are not interested to listen to me anymore
-people don't smile at me because they hate me
-my parents raise their voice at me because they don't love me
-the teachers/lecturers don't have any eye contact with me while teaching because I am not their preferred student

Didn't that sound ridiculous? All these while, I never thought wisely why did they act as such? I mean I did have my own thoughts but in a very NEGATIVE way as you can read above which finally will only hurt me more. If only I think POSITIVELY, like this :

-people don't reply my sms because they are running out of credit
-people don't answer my calls because they are busy
-people don't talk to me as they used to because they have more important things to be settled
-people ignore my 'buzz' in YM/Skype/FB message because they didn't realize it. They only realize my buzz after I go offline
-people don't really listen to me because they have their own problems that need to be solved
-people don't smile at me because they have other things in mind. Maybe they don't even realize that I was actually there 
-my parents raise their voice at me because I did something wrong. Plus, they were busy and tired. They always tolerate with me all these while what.
-the teachers/lecturers don't have any eye contact with me while teaching because they need to focus on those who need more attention. Hello, you can't always get all the attention.

See. How totally different the situation can be. I know, sometimes the real situation is not that positive BUT,at least it hurts you less if you think positively aite? And if the situation is really not negative, we won't feel guilty that we had a negative thought on our friends/lecturers/parents. Besides, as for muslims, our religion also asks us not to think negatively on others. Right?

I think that is all I can write for now. I may be not that good in arranging my words but I do hope I've helped you in changing your way of thinking. Yes, it is definitely not easy, but certainly worth trying. ;)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day Ayah!!

Assalamualaikum dear readers.

As we all know, yesterday was father's day. What did you guys do for your father to celebrate his special day? Did all of you wish him yesterday? 

What? You gave him present? WOW!! That was great BUT, present is NOT everything. Yes. The most important thing is how you treat your father. Not only on his day but EVERYDAY. 

We always seem to neglect our father's feeling thinking that he is not sensitive. So, it's okay not to show our care and love towards him. Well, if that is what u have been thinking all this while, I want you to know that you are WRONG. Indeed very wrong.

Mind you:
A father's heart can be way softer than a sponge cake
A father's feeling can be way more vulnerable than a jelly
A father's action can be way sweeter than an ice-cream

Yes they are. (well, you can change the stuffs that I used as the comparisons..hehe.)

As for my beloved ayah, there are millions of things and sacrifices that he had done for me from the very 1st day I was born up till now. If I were to list them down, I would need my whole life before I can finish them all. There are a lot of them that can even make me cry whenever they cross my mind. I know I can never reply any of them ayah. 

Ayah, I know, there's no other thing in your mind but family. You are great, awesome, superb and the list goes on and on until there's no more positive adjectives in this world. There's no word that can ever resemble my love towards you ayah. You are the best father for me. Angah loves you so very much ayah!! muaaaaaaaahhhh... =)

Angah saaaaaayaaaaaaanggg ayah sangat sangat..;)

Sunday, June 12, 2011


She does not listen before she talks
She does not think before she reacts
She does not wait before she criticizes
She has changed
A lot

She hurt them
Who love her
While she is waiting for those
Who never even care to think about her

Now she is alone
She is feeling so numb