Thursday, May 12, 2011

Starving vs Keeping Faith

He has got the money
There were a lot of foods served
He could afford to buy all
They promised him a VIP treatment
He ended up with nothing
But a pack of snacks

He's starving
They gave his foods to others
Who were already full
And he wonders

Is it because he's not one of the cook's family members?
Is it because of his enemy
Who never stop being jealous
With his achievement?
He is in a terrible pain

But he knows
He is aware
Be it the cook
Be it his enemy
No one can ever go against
The most powerful
The most merciful
The Creator

The light is still there
If HE says Yes
He will still get those foods
No matter what

And he is hoping
Trying his level best
Faking a smile
For he wants people around
Not to worry much
When he himself
Is fighting
Not to let the faith
Fly away!


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