Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day Ayah!!

Assalamualaikum dear readers.

As we all know, yesterday was father's day. What did you guys do for your father to celebrate his special day? Did all of you wish him yesterday? 

What? You gave him present? WOW!! That was great BUT, present is NOT everything. Yes. The most important thing is how you treat your father. Not only on his day but EVERYDAY. 

We always seem to neglect our father's feeling thinking that he is not sensitive. So, it's okay not to show our care and love towards him. Well, if that is what u have been thinking all this while, I want you to know that you are WRONG. Indeed very wrong.

Mind you:
A father's heart can be way softer than a sponge cake
A father's feeling can be way more vulnerable than a jelly
A father's action can be way sweeter than an ice-cream

Yes they are. (well, you can change the stuffs that I used as the comparisons..hehe.)

As for my beloved ayah, there are millions of things and sacrifices that he had done for me from the very 1st day I was born up till now. If I were to list them down, I would need my whole life before I can finish them all. There are a lot of them that can even make me cry whenever they cross my mind. I know I can never reply any of them ayah. 

Ayah, I know, there's no other thing in your mind but family. You are great, awesome, superb and the list goes on and on until there's no more positive adjectives in this world. There's no word that can ever resemble my love towards you ayah. You are the best father for me. Angah loves you so very much ayah!! muaaaaaaaahhhh... =)

Angah saaaaaayaaaaaaanggg ayah sangat sangat..;)


  1. I celebrated Father's Day in the hospital... huhuhuhu

  2. ololo..xpe2..buat la post celebration..hehehe..;)