Thursday, June 30, 2011

You Are Not Punctual! Oprah said it's RUDE!

Mamat, Momot and Mumut are friends. One fine day, they held a function in Mamat's house to celebrate their job promotions. Momot was already there with Mamat before the function started. However, Mumut was quite late.  Here goes the conversation between these three friends.

MAMAT: Gosh! Where is Mumut? The function is about to start and he is still not here!

MOMOT : Chill Mamat. It's only 8.35 p.m now. Our guests will only be here at 9.00 or maybe later than that.

MAMAT : Ahhh.. He is always like this. He is late all the time.

*Meanwhile, the Isya' athan was heard.

MOMOT : Ouh, it's already Isya'. Let's pray first Mamat.

MAMAT : Erkk.. Never mind, Isya's period is long. I'm all dressed up now. So, I'll pray later after the function ended.

MOMOT : Ermm.. Okay then.

*30 minutes later, Mumut arrived at Mamat's house. Mamat was quite pissed off already at that time.

MAMAT : Hey, Mumut! Why are you late??

MUMUT : I"m truly sorry. I had to send my mum to the clinic just now and then when I was on my way here, I got stuck in the jam. Please forgive me buddy.

MAMAT : Excuses! You have never been on time. You are not punctual! Oprah said it's rude. Because you make people wait for you. Do have some respect towards people Mumut.

MOMOT : called him rude because he wasn't punctual and he made you wait for him. I see.. Erm.. if that's the case, what should I call you for making Allah wait for you to perform your prayer? He's waiting for you since 30 minutes ago and you said it's okay, you'll perform your prayer after the function ended. Do you have any answer for that Mamat??

MAMAT : Errrr.... (speechless)

Moral of the story : It is indeed very true that making people wait for you with no strong reason is RUDE, but making Allah wait for you is even worse. How can you expect Allah to grant all your wishes when you are being RUDE towards Him?

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