Monday, April 18, 2011

It's Your Fault

Assalamualaikum and a very good day to all mydear readers..Today i would love to talk about E.G.O..yup, ego! What's with ego?? getting very excited to read further right?? i know.. (sometimes being 'perasan' makes me feel great..haha..)

Ok..Let's get back to the story..
This morning, i had my literature class for 3 hours.. it was not long for me because i am soo into literature that i can even have the class for the whole day.. so, during the break, one of my very close friends, told me about her friend.. to make it easier, let me name my friend as 'A' and her friend as 'B'..

So, here the story goes...

"B" did something that annoyed "A" very much.. the problem was, "B" never asked for forgiveness from "A" even after "A" showed to her that she did not like it.. 

Now, you might think that "B" did not know and couldn't get the hint given by "A"... NOPE! You are totally WRONG because "B" actually met "A" after that and told her that she just didn't want to ask for forgiveness because she felt EMBARRASSED  to do so.. 

Can u imagine that?? she did realize her mistake and yet felt embarrassed to ask for forgiveness?? What's wrong with that?? IT'S YOUR FAULT! Admit it.. why do we have to let the EGO inside us to destroy ourselves?? i mean, i just can't see any bad consequence that we will ever face if we ask for forgiveness.. in fact, asking for forgiveness is always the best way to settle down all the SIMPLE problems that we are facing with people around us.. we don't have to have such a HUGE EGO inside us to make a small problem grows to a bigger one! Why don't we start to cut our EGOS down and lead a more easy and happy life in the future..??

but..waittttttt... i too feel that, it is very necessary for us to HAVE A REASON to say sorry.. DO NOT say sorry for no reason and make people feel uncomfortable.. hehe..


  1. eh? din noe it can be ur post plak.. hahaha.. tapi the last part xleh blah na.. terbakar i.. huahahahaha...

  2. not pointing at anybody, but EVERYBODY..haha..xD

  3. hahaha... yela tu... =)