Thursday, April 14, 2011

Taare Zameen Par are you doing dear readers?hope you all are just fine..

Today i would love to share with you guys about a story that my classmates and i watched during our "Falsafah Pendidikan" slot just now.. it's a Hindustan movie entitled TAARE ZAMEEN PAR.

awww..i just love amir khan..

Well, as for me, this movie is just so great. it is basically about how a kid who suffers from dyslexia (Ishaan) was being degraded by his own father and teachers.. Ishaan was sent to a boarding school as a punishment for he did not perform well in his study.. what a bad father.. i certainly don't want to have such father as mine.. however, this little kiddo was sooo lucky that he met an Art Teacher (Amir Khan) who understood his problem really well.. He brought a new life for Ishaan.. how sweet... the ending was soooo touching that i almost cried.. fortunately i did realize that i was in the class with my 39 other friends around me.. so i hold my tears back...haha..

Actually, what i would like to highlight here are....



3) TEACHERS..YES WE TEACHERS-TO-BE, SHOULD NEVER EVER MAKE OUR STUDENTS FEEL DOWN AND LET THEM LOST THEIR SELF ESTEEMS...please don't..have some some faith on them no matter how bad their performance are.. do not ever scold them with harsh words and voice in public, especially in the class..NEVER CALL THEM IDIOT!! 

and...last but not least..(this has nothing to do with the movie)

PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT PEOPLE'S IMPERFECTIONS AS IF WE ARE SOOOOOO PERFECT.. come on.. seriously, i can barely stand with people talking about others' physical imperfections.. you might wonder why am i talking about this all of sudden.. it's actually because one of the actors in the movie has a slightly "jongang" teeth.. and there were some people with "PERFECT TEETH' were talking and laughing about his teeth which i think is very very impolite and rude, i would say.. i might be oversensitive here but WHO ARE YOU to talk about people..that is just unacceptable..

okay..okay.. enough of nagging.. sorry if im being quite emotional here but i am very unhappy with the attitude of some people.. this is not the first time.. the same people also always talk about one of our lecturers who have problem with her eyes.. i can accept if you want to talk about someone's attitude but NOT their physical imperfection.. that's just unfair because they didn't ask for it.. remember guys.. what goes around comes around.. you know what i mean.. hehe..

so, till then.. see ya.. ciaoo..


  1. yeah.. he is just lucky... imagine there are hundred, emm nope, millions of others that are same as the little guy but not as lucky.... wat might happen to them? ermmm..... can't even imagine that..

    and btw yup u r rite... if a person wanna say something bout others they should think 1st... not onli by words but also action... think and putting oneself at the victim shoes before doing anything just like the story... if the teacher had not put himself at the child situation and think of way to help, the child would not be saved.... likewise like the other teachers where they just think from their shoes and being selfish... it was the cause that he moved away from society... it was the teacher whose action that change the positive boy into a negative one... however in today era, not only teachers, peers, friends are also a great influencer to one individu in moulding that person into a positive or negative one...

    Oh ya.. Good Luck in becoming a good teacher that can see through all the problem and help to rebuild the society into a better one.... ^^

  2. dear anony..i would really appreciate if u can tell me who you are because your comment really makes my whole night..such an inspiring comment form u..thank you very much..also zillions of thanks for wishing me luck for my future..your prayer is all i need..

    p/s: do visit my blog again and please be free to leave your comments.i would love to read them..=)