Sunday, January 22, 2012

Power vs Powerless

I have the POWER! so, just shut up and listen!!

One fine afternoon...

Abu   : Ali, can you accompany me to the police station after this.

Ali      : Erkk. But why?

Boss   : What kind of question is that. Don't you know that Amat threatened me yesterday. He 
              said he'll put a bomb in my car.

Ali      : Like seriously? I thought that was a joke. I mean, he mentioned that in the 
             conversation that he had with you in facebook. 

Abu   : So what. Just because it was mentioned in facebook, you think it is not serious?

Ali      : But he ended his so-called "threat" with "hahahaha". I mean, urm, I just couldn't see     
              the seriousness there. 

Abu    : I don't care. I still feel insecure.

Ali       : I see. I guess we need to bring Amat along then.

Abu     : Hahahaha. You are so lame. You don't have to bring the criminal along with you to 
              lodge a police report.

Ali        : My dear "intelligent" friend, I'm taking him as a victim here. Not a criminal.

Abu      : What kind of joke is this?

Ali        :  Well, I think Amat should feel insecure too.

Abu      : Why??

Ali         : Because his "threat" was to answer your " I'll kill you if you come late to the office 
                tomorrow." statement. You don't even put "hahahaha" in the end of your 

Abu       : Now, this is funny!! Hahahaha. Don't you even dream to do that.

Ali         : Give me ONE concrete reason for that statement.

Abu      : Simply because I know people with power. Hence, I have the POWER. And Amat is 
                just a poor POWERLESS guy! In this country, people with power rule. And for those 
              powerless ones, well, you guyscan just get ready to be crushed anytime and anywhere 
              we like.

Ali         :   ............................ *sigh*

You've got to listen to me even when I'm bullshitting!

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